Pneumaflex KA

Experience from some 5,000 installations, that have been operating the PNEUMAFLEX clutch since 1964, has led to the development of the technologically advanced highly elastic PNEUMAFLEX clutch.

The PNEUMAFLEX clutch is a combination unit comprising double conical friction clutch and highly elastic coupling. The clutching components comprise two inner friction cones which are pressed against two outer friction conical faces via the pneumatically actuated clutch cylinder.

The elastic part comprises rubber elements arranged in parallel which were completely optimized, enhancing the coupling's reliability and performance significantly.

PNEUMAFLEX KA clutches are especially suited for use in diesel engine propulsion systems and installations where torsional vibration must be taken into account

Due to the high torsional flexibility of the rubber element, PNEUMAFLEX KA clutches shift resonance (torsional vibration) between the natural frequencies of the system and the exciting frequencies of the driving and driven machines from the operational speed range. Due to their high damping qualities they also reduce the residual vibration amplitude and thus protect the valuable plant

Moreover, the clutch compensates center mismatch, axial as well as angular misalignment, of the shafts and machinery elements to be connected (engines, gearboxes, generators etc) within a predetermined tolerance range. Additionally, the rubber elements isolate structure-borne noise effectively.

Pneumaflex Clutch

Main Advantages of PNEUMAFLEX clutches:
  • Combination of a dry friction clutch and highly elastic coupling without short-lived idle bearing system
  • Complete separation of primary and secondary sides
  • Backlash-free, no wear of components subject to backlash
  • Smooth and easily controllable engaging operation
  • Protects the propulsion system against overloads if a slip monitoring unit is used
  • Clutches of type KAP can be vertically removed

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