Navilus Reduction Gears


On all the seas and waterways of the world, you will find ships of various kinds being propelled with the aid of drive elements supplied by Lohmann+Stolterfoht. On the basis of reliable, technically sound products and a level of know-how built up over decades, this segment has been able to make a real name for itself both at home and abroad.

Whether for standard design or customized, Lohmann + Stolterfoht had supplied optimally combined and coordinated drive systems with gear units, couplings and bearings as a single-source solution.

Spare Parts For

Slide Bearings
and other related parts

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Spare parts are also available for
supplied for marine applications:
  • Reverse reduction gears for outputs between 80 and 37,000 kW
  • Twin and multiple reduction gears for outputs up to 75,000 kW
  • Twin reverse reduction gears for outputs up to 37,000 kW
  • Reduction gears for outputs between 370 and 75,000 kW
  • Generator gears, distribution gears and sand pump gears
  • Cutter head and tumbler drives for floating dredgers

Navilus GUS Navilus Reduction Gears Navilus GVA Navilus Reduction Gears Navilus GW
Navilus GUS Reliable clutches and couplings Navilus GVA Reliable clutches and couplings Navilus GW

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